Furbaby Love & Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Treats

Furbaby Love & Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Treats

Anyone who has a pet knows the feeling of unconditional love they provide. When you walk through the door you’re greeted enthusiastically every time (well except maybe not from your cat – they’ll love you when they’re good and ready LOL). Seriously there’s nothing like the love from your pet to make everything better.

So why wouldn’t you want your little loved one to experience the benefits of CBD just like you. The reality is they have the same endo-cannabinoid system (that amazing neurotransmitter receptor system) that we do. Full Spectrum Hemp works in the same way in them as it does in us.

A lot of people use CBD products to help ease anxiety – don’t you think your pet wants the same? Think about it – did you see how anxious your dog gets when you leave the house? How about during a thunderstorm? I once had a dog that got so scared and anxious, she’d hide in the bathtub!

CBD treats can help ease that anxiety.

Our little friends also suffer from the same aches and pains we do. The older we get the more we hurt – they do too! CBD can help decrease the pain and inflammation associated with daily living and aging.

I know I’d want the best for the love of my life – nurseMARK pet treats provide the same all-natural full spectrum HEMP derived CBD extracts that are in all nurseMARK products in handy treats. Full spectrum Hemp extract is an important distinction here, you want all the resident components of the plant included in the finished product. Together they work synergistically to provide those amazing benefits.