Welcome to the nurseMARK community!

Welcome to the nurseMARK community!

I thought it would be nice to give you an idea of what we’re up to here. It’s a BIG GAME! A lofty goal, a world changer.

We’ve created the largest global community of empowered healthcare providers dedicated to powerful living. What’s that mean? Our community is made up of CNA, LPN, RN and NP’s who are committed to changing their own lives and, once on the path, sharing their knowledge and passion with you. Together we’re changing the world of health and wellness!

Our motto is Health-Happiness-Cannabis.
Let’s break that down…

Health – we’re dedicated to creating positive habits that support a healthy life. It is based on the four pillars of health: Exercise – Nutrition – Mindfulness and Cannabis.

Exercise is the first area of focus. We know that the second leading cause of preventable death is a sedentary lifestyle. Adding exercise to your daily routine is critical to avoiding chronic illness and creating a strong healthy body.

Nutrition is the next area of focus. What you eat dictates how you feel and what your health will be in the future. A healthy diet is another key to avoiding chronic illness. What’s the best diet? The one you do consistently.

Mindfulness is something you may not have ever been exposed to but it’s a hot topic in healthy living circles today. Why? Simple – mindfulness offers a multitude of health benefits. Everything from reduction in blood pressure to decreased anxiety and increased brain cells. A few minutes a day creates an amazing transformation.

Cannabis is the last pillar of a healthy life. This amazing plant has created quite a stir worldwide. The evidence is clear – the potential health benefits are undeniable. Responsible, educated use of these compounds is changing the face of healthcare and healthy living.

Our community directly supports the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.
Specifically, we’re aligned with and support SGD # 3 and SDG # 5. SDG #3 is Good Health and Wellbeing. SDG # 5 is Gender Equality. We are committed to achieving these goals! Who better than the nurse community? It’s what we do every, single day.

Ok I’m sure you’re all thinking this sounds great and very admirable but totally unrealistic.

It IS unrealistic and unreasonable. The easiest way to achieve mediocrity is to be realistic and reasonable. Nothing extraordinary ever happens within realistic and reasonable. Stepping outside those boundaries opens up the possibility of ANYTHING and so here we are changing the world. This basic concept is part of what we learn within the community. It’s part of the foundation of empowerment.

Where’s the happiness then? It’s a byproduct of everything else we do, all the positive habits we create that support a healthy lifestyle. Those all add up to happiness! It’s that simple. The day in and day out application of healthy habits naturally creates happiness in our lives. Sharing that with everyone else moves that happiness into the realm of pure joy.

Join us, learn with us, share with us and create the world we all want!