“Mark has two moods -
happy & happier ”

- Paul Holstein, Board Member at Entrepreneur's Organization

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Meet Mark Worster

Entrepreneur, Leader, Wellness and Reality Coach, Mental Healthcare Professional, Mark brings a passion and joy to everything he does.

From Chairman of the Board of a $20mm health services agency to Certified Yoga Instructor to Keynote Speaker Mark has accumulated an impressive array of diverse experiences. Known for his charismatic, high-energy approach to life, Mark has led many groups to successful completion of their missions.

His mission, his legacy – is to be the vessel that inspires people to step outside their human experience and embrace their true nature. Using the tools gathered over a lifetime of spiritual exploration Mark guides you into a new reality!

Save a Vet's Life NOW

Support providing free, cutting edge psychedelic therapy for veterans


Speaking Engagements

nurseMARK is a dynamic, inspirational speaker known for his high energy presentations. Mark’s unique perspective and delivery is designed to allow people to access the unlimited power of their true nature. Accessing your true nature leaves you able to act powerfully in all areas of your life.


Real Transformation

Empowering you through exercise, nutrition, mindfulness & all natural products. You are the creator of your life.

Sacred Plant Medicines

There has been a resurgence of interest in psychedelic, sacred plant medicines - powerful and effective!

Mindfulness - Breathwork

Stepping outside your human experience to access the unlimited power of your true nature requires awareness - meditation and breathwork facilitate awareness!


Movement is the key.

Whether it's yoga, Tai Chi, boxing, or Crossfit, pick what works for you and get moving!

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nurseMARK's Presentation for the Norfolk Savvy Seniors

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Are there areas in your life that you wish were different? Do you wish you could be more powerful in those areas? Do you want deeper, more meaningful relationships with those important people in your life?

All these things AND MORE are available to you right here, right now. Mark’s coaching is designed to take you out of the space of feeling “stuck” and put you in a position of unlimited power in ANY area of your life.

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