Welcome to the nurseMARK community!

I thought it would be nice to give you an idea of what we’re up to here. It’s a BIG GAME! A lofty goal, a world changer. We’ve created the largest global community of empowered healthcare providers dedicated to powerful living. What’s that mean? Our community is made up of CNA, LPN, RN and NP’s […]

What Coronavirus is teaching us….

The Coronavirus pandemic and associated COVID-19 infection has been teaching us some hard lessons. A lot of what we think to be true has yet to be confirmed. One thing we are certain about is that comorbidities (underlying health issues) are involved in over 80% of deaths attributed to COVID-19. What are the most prevalent […]

Just say YES!

New England in February, not the time you think about jumping into the ocean. I mean the water’s frigidly cold in July. I’m lucky to live in a magical place, a little slice of heaven that allows me access to a beautiful brackish water bay. I’ve been practicing cold dip as of late, submerging myself […]

CBD & Pain

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD products have been touted as having amazing properties in relieving pain and inflammation. There are folks who swear by it and say that it has changed their lives. A lot of research has been done in the past but honestly there is so much more research that needs to be done. […]

Hi, I’m an Expert

Living the life of a healthcare provider I’m constantly inundated with new research that offer new views on the inner workings of the human condition. My focus on Cannabis Medicine increases that new information delivery by 100-fold. Every day, it seems, there are new research studies that prove or disprove some facet of my chosen […]

Is there a 5yr old in charge of your life?

In his book “Escaping the Labyrinth – Body Memory: The Secret Code That Creates, Sustains and Can Unlock Our Chains” author David Sohn describes how by the time we’re (5) years old we’ve made three firm decisions – who I am, who you are and how the world is. Prior to language acquisition the world […]

Furbaby Love & Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Treats

Anyone who has a pet knows the feeling of unconditional love they provide. When you walk through the door you’re greeted enthusiastically every time (well except maybe not from your cat – they’ll love you when they’re good and ready LOL). Seriously there’s nothing like the love from your pet to make everything better. So […]

Life just happens….

There is nothing more complex and amazing as the human being. The mere fact that you are reading or listening to these very words is amazing unto itself. Think of the myriad of cells and processes coming together to create your sight and hearing. There are a billion little things happening within you at any […]