Discovering the Amazon: A Journey to Self-Love

Discovering the Amazon: A Journey to Self-Love

Deep in the heart of the Amazon, where the whispers of the wild echoed in the ear, I found myself drawn into an intriguing journey toward self-discovery and spiritual awakening. 

The potent Ayahuasca and the subtle Ajo Sacha guided me through the wilderness, acting as compasses leading me to unearth realms of love and trust within I never knew existed. 

I’d been interested in participating in a master plant dieta since first hearing of it back in August of 2022. If you’ve never heard of it, master plant dieta is a fundamental part of Amazonian shamanism wherein the ‘dietero’ adheres to a very specific diet, enters isolation in the forest, and ingests a liquid preparation of a plant to receive the teaching and healing powers that the plant’s spirit holds. I was the ‘dietero’.

It was during a previous magical Ayahuasca Journey that the Maestra (teacher/healer/Shaman) mentioned it in conversation. Her mentor was a Shipibo woman who maintained the traditions of her tribe. The Shipibo are one of the oldest indigenous tribes inhabiting the jungles of Peru. They believe that certain trees and plants are master teachers and that if one sits in meditation alone while consuming them for some time, similar to a vision quest, one will connect with the plants in a deeply profound way, and they will share their wisdom and healing with you.

The time was right for me to begin my healing path.

I had come into this journey a broken-hearted man, having just experienced another rejection of someone who professed to love me until the end of time. The end of time, it turned out, was about ninety-days days. 

I can say now how eternally grateful I am for this beautiful soul for giving me the gift of deep pain, which is the portal for insight and the healing that comes with it. The Maestra looked at me and said I’d be communing with Ajo Sacha and Malva, both powerful heart-healing master plants. 

This is my story.

An Immersion into Wilderness and Austerity

Living in the Amazon demanded an adaptation to the rawness and rustic conditions of the land. 

A world where modern amenities were noticeably absent, where the solitude of primitive bathrooms represented a paradigm of simplicity and minimalism. Or, put another way, a simple hole in the ground that tested your quad strength every time you, well, you know. This unfamiliar environment presented challenges, but it was through these challenges that I experienced physical and spiritual cleansing. 

Melodies in the Jungle

The joy of playing our musical instruments under the vast Amazonian sky, the magic of weaving melodies late into the night, and the unity in our shared musical experience, all added an aural tapestry to the visual beauty of our journey. And in case you’re wondering, the answer is yes. I traveled to the jungle with my guitar in tow.

The Amazon reverberated with more than just the calls of the wild; it resonated in harmony with our music. 

A Heart Healed by Ajo Sacha

The isolation time in my Tambo (hut/cabin) was transformative, a turning point in my journey. The Tambo was a rudimentary structure where we slept, based on basic shelters where weary travelers needed to rest on long journeys.

The soft whispers of Ajo Sacha guided me on introspective walks that led to healing and self-realization. It not only made me reflect upon relationships and love, disappointments and failures but also facilitated me in finding an inner peace, an emerging self-love that fortified me to love others without fear.

A Song Birthed in the Quiet of the Night 

It was in the quiet of one such night that an irresistible urge led me to my journal, and a song was born. 

It was 3:33 am when the inspiration struck. A song that I knew was not my creation but something that had chosen me to manifest its existence. The song “Simply Trust” soon echoed in the ears of my companions, sparking a shared dream to record it and let it resonate with the world.

In this moment of connection, this moment of surrender the divine chose me to create this music.

Lessons and Gifts from Ajo Sacha

The journey with Ajo Sacha was a benediction. 

It blessed me with self-love, instilled in me a sense of purpose, gifted me clarity, and taught me the power of trust. It prompted a realization to declutter from the external world and invest time in my inner journey. This profound experience with the Maestra marked a new chapter in my life, a pledge to return to the Amazon and continue this journey of spiritual awakening.

And finally…

This journey in the Amazon was more than just an expedition; it was an awakening, a nexus of profound experiences that led me to a deeper understanding of my being. 

The echo of the wild, the music birthed in the Amazonian night, the healing touch of Ajo Sacha, and the birth of “Simply Trust” all contributed to a profound exploration of self-love and spiritual awakening. 

This expedition to the Amazon was indeed a journey to self-love, and as we closed out our ceremony with the Maestra, I knew this would be something that I will continue to do several times a year. To come and sit with the Masters and be given the gifts they offer. 

With love and gratitude.