Letting Sleeping Babies Lie

Letting Sleeping Babies Lie

The subtle revolution of quiet transformation

At the end of our first ayahuasca journey, we sat around in a circle in the Maloka, the sacred temple where ayahuasca ceremonies are held, for our integration circle. 

Forty (40) brave souls who had just spent the last week together on the most transformative journey of inner exploration. The Maestra, a beautiful divine soul who has dedicated her life to serving the medicine, was sharing little pearls of wisdom about what our lives would be like moving forward. She shared many insights, and then she uttered a phrase that has stuck with me since – “Let sleeping babies lie.” 

This was in response to the question about sharing our experiences with our family and friends and the world in general. 

That insight has rang true this past year as I have navigated this new world of transformation, this new way of operating in the world.

When you’ve had such a profound, magical experience of what’s possible outside the matrix, you inevitably want to rush out and shout it from every rooftop. Her point was this – we are all like sleeping babies – unaware of what’s going on in the world around us, sleeping peacefully in our own little existence. I remember my own children as infants and how very careful we were to leave them be when they were in that blissful state of slumber. We took great care to tiptoe around and let them sleep in peace. 

Her analogy has proven accurate.

Rather than barging in and dragging them out into the light, we wait patiently, and when they are ready, we tiptoe in and greet them with a big smile as they ease into this world.

It’s very much the same with our interactions with others in our day-to-day lives. We want so badly for all those around us to experience the ineffable experience of pure love that we’ve found, but sharing that without them being prepared is counterproductive. Most scoff at our stories and continue their path, oblivious to what’s truly available outside their awareness.

In my work, I travel the world, speaking in front of extremely successful entrepreneurs. 

I share the insights I have gained through my journey on this path. But I do so with the knowledge that, like sleeping babies, they need to be brought into the light slowly and with great care. Rather than shouting it from the rooftops, I simply whisper it in their ears and let them open with curiosity to this strange, new world.

I recently had the honor of holding ceremony with some beautiful souls. 

One of the participants shared, during our post-journey discussion, that he couldn’t wait for his father to have this experience. I shared the simple phrase my Maestra shared with me…..Let Sleeping Babies Lie.

Back in the day, I spent fifteen (15) years in the halls of Alcoholics Anonymous. 

I wanted to change my relationship with alcohol as I had a new wife and two little girls at home, and I wasn’t present in their lives the way I knew I could be. It wasn’t that anyone had said I had a problem with booze – it was all an inside job, a recognition inside that this substance was holding me back from living the life I so desperately wanted. One of the most profound lessons in AA is the idea that it’s attraction, not promotion, that works best in bringing new members into the light. 

You’ll never see an advertisement for AA anywhere. 

Rather, new members come in and are attracted by the examples of what’s possible without alcohol. They let sleeping babies lie, and when they slowly awaken, they are there with a big smile, ready to share wisdom slowly and gently. 

Millions have stepped into a new way of living using this method. 

The lesson is clear: those of us who have been blessed to step into this new life are best served to simply be shining examples of what’s possible outside the matrix, outside the stories, outside the programming. 

We’ll be here when you awaken, ready to give you that big hug and share the love, the light that is always here just outside our dreamlike existence.