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Sacred Plant Medicine


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Sacred Plant medicines have been used for tens of thousands of years to access higher states of consciousness. These most amazing medicines can be used to access new ways of being filled with joy and happiness and true health based on love for self and love for all.

If you’re in a moment of transformation, usually identified by anxiety and a general sense of uneasiness, not feeling you know where your place in the world is at the moment, these sacred medicines can help connect you to your true purpose in the world. Book a free (30) minute introductory call today!

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Cannabis Expert

Cannabis has been used for thousands and thousands of years as a powerful medicine. It’s only in the last century that it has been wrongly maligned, for political reasons, but that has all changed. We now recognize, once again, the power of this medicine. 

But it’s different, it’s not like other western medicines. Your physicians and other medical professionals aren’t educated in how and why it works in the human body and, most importantly, how to effectively use it. 

It isn’t as easy as simply trying it. There are so many considerations unique to you and how your body works. You need an educated professional to guide you in using this amazing tool to regain and maintain your health. 

nurseMARK has the education and experience to help you in your journey. A graduate of the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy’s Master’s in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics Program Mark was one of the first one hundred and thirty eight (138) people in the world to obtain this degree. Mark has literally helped a multitude of people use this powerful plant medicine to live a healthier life. 



Psychedelic medicine has reemerged as an exciting tool in treating mental illness. Mark shares not only his knowledge, through education, but his personal experience utilizing psychedelic medicine. For the past two years Mark has been working in the psychedelic treatment space. His collaborative efforts have led to the creation of a comprehensive Continuing Medical Education training module for physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants allowing them to accurately and safely use ketamine (a legal psychedelic medicine) in the treatment of various mental health issues. Mark will educate you on the various psychedelic medicines and their current use and, importantly, their legal status. MDMA, DMT, LSD, Mescaline, Peyote, Ayahuasca, Ibogaine - all are important tools in so many ways.

Health & Wellness

As a certified yoga instructor and Crossfit level 1 Coach Mark has extensive experience in the realm of physical health and wellness. Using his years of experience Mark will guide you through understanding the principles of exercise and meditation to actually implementing them in your day to day life to create a level of health and wellness that will support you in anything you want to do in life. 


There are many healing modalities but none more powerful than breathwork. Used for thousands of years to bring people to a higher level of consciousness breathwork has the potential to heal past trauma and allow you to be unconstrained, powerful and present in all areas of your life. Mark is trained in multiple modalities and can facilitate healing in person and virtually. Start your journey today! Schedule an introductory session!

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