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There is an epidemic in the military/veteran community, and the results are staggering. 

What is the epidemic and leading cause of death among this demographic? 


The suicide rate for military veterans is more than 1.5 times the national average. That’s 22 veterans a day who take their own life – or one every 65 minutes. To put that into perspective, that’s more suicides than combat fatalities in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

Right Here, Right Now is a suicide prevention campaign designed to engage active-duty service members, veterans, and their families in open dialogue about suicide awareness and prevention. Our goal is to provide resources and support to those who need it most before it’s too late.

These men and women go through so much, facing life-threatening situations on a regular basis, always putting themselves in harm’s way to protect others, and then coming back home with mental health issues that are not always addressed. Often, they’re not even aware of the signs or symptoms of PTSD until it’s too late. And too many are becoming a statistic.

We say “no more.”

At “Right Here, Right Now,” our commitment could not be more personal. We were founded by Veterans for vets.

We recognize that a Veteran’s experience isn’t a solo path; it’s a family’s experience – families live through all of the ups and downs that service members returning home do. We also recognize that the wheels of government are rolling too slowly, so we’re taking this mission personally.

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