Love and Hate and the nature of duality….

Here we are in this world of duality- the matrix if you will. All is defined by its opposite. Big-small, high-low, love-hate. Without one there is not the other when we consider this reality we cling to. But what if there exists outside this world we touch,see, hear and smell a world of love? What […]

The Exit Sign Epiphany

How trust and a swim rewrote my life’s script In Peru’s jungle, during a spiritual retreat called the Master Plant Dieta, I got a wake-up call: slow down and let go of the hustle.  I’m an entrepreneur at heart, always juggling five or six projects. It’s great, but it’s also draining. It’s both a blessing […]

Letting Sleeping Babies Lie

The subtle revolution of quiet transformation At the end of our first ayahuasca journey, we sat around in a circle in the Maloka, the sacred temple where ayahuasca ceremonies are held, for our integration circle.  Forty (40) brave souls who had just spent the last week together on the most transformative journey of inner exploration. […]

From Perpetual Grind To Graceful Surrender

My deeply personal journey of “Hustle and Flow” For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a hustler.  From my first job at age 12, washing cars, and selling newspapers, to building multiple businesses, my life has been a relentless pursuit. A pursuit defined by society’s relentless chant: hustle, grind, succeed.  But a profound […]

Discovering the Amazon: A Journey to Self-Love

Deep in the heart of the Amazon, where the whispers of the wild echoed in the ear, I found myself drawn into an intriguing journey toward self-discovery and spiritual awakening.  The potent Ayahuasca and the subtle Ajo Sacha guided me through the wilderness, acting as compasses leading me to unearth realms of love and trust […]